Our partners

STARBUZZ is the first independent accelerator for digital commerce and logistics startups in Germany, focusing on B2B and B2C startups.Together with leading corporate partners from the trade, production and logistics industry, we unleash the potential of innovative digital commerce and logistics startups. In this endeavor, we are supported by experienced mentors from IT, legal & tax, marketing & sales, strategy and venture capital firms. Located in Mülheim an der Ruhr, in the heart of Germany‘s largest state North-Rhine Westphalia and Europe, we boast an extraordinary customer proximity in B2B and B2C segments – representing an important prerequisite for success, besides access to capital and the availability of highly qualified talent. Based on our high-quality program and our partner network, we position ourselves as a leading independent accelerator for digital commerce and logistics startups. Our national and international network enables tapping into market opportunities for domestic and foreign startups.

Wirecard is the specialist for worldwide payment transactions and is one of Europe's leading providers of electronic real-time payment systems with integrated risk management. With the Wirecard, we enable you to make easy and trustworthy payment for your shipping orders by Mastercard, Visa or Amex credit card.

The transport of your goods is exposed to a variety of risks. With our Kravag Insurance's tailor-made transport insurance, we will relieve you of your worries.
Transport insurance is bookable up to a value of 20.000,00 EUR. The insurance premium is automatically included in the shipping price. If you need additional insurance, please contact our customer service.

As Europe's largest online trade association, the Dealers' Association is the voice and partner of the e-commerce industry. The association promotes the exchange of information between dealers and service providers in order to sustainably support both digital and stationary trade and to align it for the future. Through the Europe-wide representation of interests and bundling of various services, the Dealer Association actively shapes the industry with its members and partners.
Jumingo customers can use the coupon code "A732#2017" for the first two months to test the basic membership free of charge.

Deutsche Bank's Cash Management unit combines high-performance payment transaction processing with innovative and intelligent product and service solutions, and through the consistent development of pioneering technologies, state-of-the-art processing platforms and a pioneering role in the implementation of international payment transaction initiatives, Deutsche Bank provides SMEs with a comprehensive range of sophisticated solutions covering all areas of cash management.

Today, entrepreneurially active people are on the move globally - in real and virtual terms. In a world where everything is possible, fixed points of reference are becoming more and more important: good entrepreneurship thrives on real people, real encounters, real contacts - and on creating something special together - the Rotonda Business Club is the perfect place for such encounters: This is where intelligent minds and interesting people come together who have concepts and are burning for ideas. A strong network of doers and visionaries meets in the 8 clubs.