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In order to ensure that your shipment arrives at its destination quickly and correctly, you should ensure in advance that your package is packed in a way that is suitable for transport. The goods must always be packed in such a way that they can withstand a fall from a height of 1 meter unscathed. Therefore, pad the contents well with old paper, air foil or Styrofoam pellets.

Therefore, note the following tips:
  • choose a box big enough and do not squeeze the goods
  • choose a box with a solid cardboard material
  • remove the old shipping labels before
  • Cushion the contents well, so that the product survives a fall of 1 meter undamaged
  • Seal the box with high quality adhesive tape
  • Do not use too much tape, because for shipments abroad may be that the customs must open the goods and check. Glue therefore only the necessary seams.
  • Deposit a copy of the shipping document in the package, should the shipping label accidentally come loose from the box, it will help the package to get to the destination anyway.
  • The sharp points of knives or scissors should be packed in such a way that the cardboard is not damaged from the inside
  • Powders or grains should always be shipped in a clear plastic bag
  • PC hardware, disc, or soundtracks should additionally be padded again, for example with air foil.

    If you follow all these instructions, nothing stands in the way of a smooth and undamaged shipment of your package.

The optimal box

Use a sturdy box that provides sufficient space to prevent the product from being squeezed.
For heavy packages it is recommended to use a cardboard box with a strong cardboard material.

Cushion items

Wrap the shipping items in bubble wrap and then fix them with a package tape. It is advisable to fill the box with other padding materials to ensure safe transport.

Close the package

To close the package, use a package tape. Tesafilm or masking tape are not suitable for this.

Make the package ready for shipment

Stick the shipping label clearly visible on the top of the package. Pay attention to a good fastening so that the shipping label can not come loose during transport.

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