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General customs information

Shipments sent from Unitet Kingdom to countries outside the European Union are subject to customs clearance. On this page, we give you a brief overview of the necessary formalities for worldwide parcel shipping. The following general provisions apply in principle to international parcel shipping outside of Europe.

General responsibilities For international express delivery, parcels and consignments are transported by air freight. Therefore, certain categories of goods are excluded from shipping. Please inform yourself on our page of the prohibited shipping items, which goods are excluded from shipping.

Import restrictions in the destination country Some countries have certain restrictions on the import of certain categories of goods or food. Please inform yourself in advance at the relevant customs office if you are allowed to import your consignment into the destination country.

Customs duties, taxes and charges It is possible that customs duties and other charges may be imposed on the recipient. The delivery can usually only be released if these import duties are paid locally.

Value of goods under 1000 EUR A proforma invoice or commercial invoice in 3-fold execution is required. It will be automatically generated by our system during the shipping order and sent to you by e-mail.

Value of goods over 1000 EUR

If the value of the goods exceeds 1000 EUR, you will need an export license from customs in addition to the commercial invoice.

We are also happy to prepare an export license for you.

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