General Terms and Conditions (GTC) for the use of the Jumingo platform


1. General

All transport services provided by Jumingo are subject to legal regulations and the relevant international agreements, unless otherwise specified below. In addition to the general terms and conditions of Jumingo (carrier),the following terms and conditions apply to the transport service as such the carrier whose Jumingo uses to fulfil its contractual obligations (subcontractor),insofar as Jumingo specifically refers to these in the following provisions terms and conditions of business. In this case, the provisions to which reference is made shall take precedence over Jumingo's GTC if and to the extent that they deviate from them. As sender in the legal sense, the person/company that commissions Jumingo to mediate/perform the transport of one or more consignments shall apply. Under a consignment, the documents are and goods for which the same consignment note has been issued and which are delivered to the same consignee by any means of transport chosen by Jumingo for a customer from the same collection point to the same consignee by any means of transport chosen by Jumingo. may be transported, including by air, road and any other means of transport. Employees, agents or subcontractors of Jumingo, in particular those who collect them, are not entitled to do so, amend or supplement these General Terms and Conditions. The General Terms and Conditions of Jumingo and the relevant special conditions of the subcontractors apply exclusively. Conflicting terms and conditions of business of contractual partners are only valid if Jumingo has expressly agreed to their validity in writing. In accordance with the formal notice of the contracting parties Jumingo hereby expressly contradicts its own general terms and conditions of business. We save the contract text and send you the order data by e-mail. You can view the terms and conditions at any time on our View the website.

2. Services of Jumingo

Jumingo operates as a carrier together with a number of internationally recognised courier and express carriers. The shipper can have Jumingo charge the shipping costs for a specific shipment. Jumingo always determines the best possible solution in consideration of the cooperative shipping partners. Price and displays all available shipping rates to the customer. After selecting the desired tariff, the shipping order can be booked directly via Jumingo's website. Jumingo is delivered with order confirmation Contractual partner of the consignor. The subcontractor commissioned with this order shall be notified to the customer after conclusion of the contract as soon as the parcel slips required for the order have been sent by e-mail to the carrier. will be sent to the customer. The shipping price displayed on the shipping order is decisive for shipping. Jumingo. de reserves the right to change the price in case of errors in the price calculation or for other reasons. or to cancel the order. Subcontractors are in principle entitled to engage subcontractors. Basically, Jumingo offers the sender three different possibilities of the Jumingo cooperates with the various subcontractors in the provision of the service. In detail, these are "SameDay" delivery = delivery on the same day. Express shipping. Delivery overnight. Standard shipping "= delivery for less urgent shipments. An overview of the commonly used cooperation partners can be found here. Jumingo and its sub-carriers are free to choose the route, means and type of transport, even if it differs from the information in the consignment note. The delivery lead times determined by Jumingo are given in working days (Monday to Friday) and indicate the delivery times. is only a guideline. In principle, they are only valid for conurbations or larger cities.

3. Conclusion of contract; contractual relationship; information to the customer

Offers available on the website are non-binding and subject to confirmation until the transport contract is concluded. The offers are addressed to private individuals as well as to natural and legal persons with unlimited legal capacity. The conclusion of the transport contract between the parties takes place exclusively by using the appropriate forms and processes on the website. For the effective conclusion of a contract, the following points must be observed Required: Before sending the transport order, the customer has the possibility to submit his data entered in the order form of Jumingo on the website and summarized on a confirmation page. and change it again if necessary. By clicking on the button "Order now subject to a charge", the customer confirms the previously entered transport order including all specified data bindingly. and thus makes an offer to Jumingo in the legal sense. The transport contract comes with the dispatch of the order confirmation by Jumingo, stating the receipt of the order and its contents, of the transport company carrying out the transport, the order number and the general shipping information by e-mail to the customer. Jumingo saves the transport contract concluded in text form and sends the customer a corresponding copy within the scope of his order confirmation. The customer is obliged to send this copy including the general terms and conditions and the contained cancellation instruction (see to print or electronically store these terms and conditions in detail and under mention of the corresponding preconditions (item 4 of these GTC) for later access. The customer demands and expressly agrees to this, that Jumingo shall be entitled to cancel the contract before the end of the period of revocation to which the customer may be entitled (see in detail and with reference to the corresponding conditions set forth in clause 4 of these GTC) with the execution of the service, which is the object of the transport contract. The customer is aware that Jumingo's statutory right of revocation expires prematurely upon complete fulfilment of the contract by Jumingo. conclusion of a contract and after-sales service is usually provided in German, unless the customer has chosen another available language for this purpose on the website. Exchange of messages and messages between Jumingo and the customer are usually sent by e-mail, but can also be sent by letter post, fax, telephone or live chat with the agreement of both parties. The contract is concluded subject to the proviso that our contracted transport company renders its services to Jumingo on time and in accordance with the contract. If this is not the case and therefore Jumingo is not present at the performance by means of this transport company selected by the customer beforehand, the customer shall be reimbursed for any consideration already rendered to Jumingo and the customer shall be reimbursed for any loss or damage incurred. Transport contract unwinded. The reservation does not apply in the case of only short-term delay in performance or if Jumingo is responsible for the non-performance itself. As a rule, the customer is responsible for the complete Payment in advance of the services to be provided is obligatory (franked). By concluding the transport contract, the customer agrees to any routing and any changes as well as intermediate stops. Jumingo is not obliged to carry out interface checks.

4. Customer's right of withdrawal

If the customer is a consumer within the meaning of § 13 BGB (for definition see no. 1 of these General Terms and Conditions),he is entitled according to § 13 BGB (German Civil Code). 312 d BGB the right of withdrawal. Jumingo informs the customer about the content of the right of revocation as follows with the following instruction on revocation:


You can download your contract declaration within 14 days without giving reasons in text form (e. g. letter, fax, e-mail). The period begins after receipt of this instruction in text form, but not before performance of our contractual obligations. Obligations according to § 312 g Abs. 1 Sentence 1 BGB in connection with Art. 246 § 3 EGBGB. The timely dispatch of the revocation is sufficient to comply with the revocation period. The revocation must be addressed to: Jumingo GmbH Zum Scheider Feld 16 51467 Bergisch Gladbach, Germany E-Mail: Fax: +49 (0) 2202 24 92 92 8


In the case of an effective revocation the to return services received by both parties and to return any benefits (e. g. interest) that may have been received. For this repayment we use the same means of payment that you used for the original repayment. unless expressly agreed otherwise with you; under no circumstances will you be charged any fees for this repayment. Have you requested that the service during the revocation period should begin, you must pay us a reasonable amount that corresponds to the proportion of up to the time at which you give us from the exercise of the revocation right. in respect of the contract, is equivalent to services already performed as compared to the total scope of the services provided in the contract. In the event of recourse to the right of revocation of the planned shipping directly after booking a fee of 5,00 EUR incl. VAT will be charged. If the right of withdrawal is exercised after the dispatch label has been sent to the customer there is a charge of 50% of the transport costs including VAT. If the right of withdrawal is used after handover to the driver, a fee amounting to 95% of the transport costs will be charged. incl. statutory VAT. Obligations to reimburse payments must be fulfilled within 30 days. The period begins for you with the dispatch of the revocation declaration, for us with its receipt. Your right of revocation expires prematurely if the contract is completely fulfilled by both parties at your express request before you have exercised your right of revocation.


For customers who are entrepreneurs within the meaning of § 14 BGB (for definition see no. 1 of these General Terms and Conditions),the aforementioned right of withdrawal does not apply. The warranty rights of the entrepreneur under these GTC remain unaffected. The customer is obliged to abide by the general terms and conditions of business transmitted by Jumingo, together with the cancellation instruction contained therein, for a later period of time.Access to print or save electronically.

5. Shipments excluded from transport

Subject to a special delivery to be booked by the consignor within the meaning of Section 3, the following shall apply Excluded from transport are objects which fall under national or international regulations on dangerous goods (e. g. IATA) which, due to their nature or packaging, pose a danger to persons, for other consignments or other goods carried, the transport of which requires special safety precautions or an official authorisation, dispatch, transport, or storage in the country of dispatch, destination or transit is prohibited, infringes an export or import ban or other legal provisions, prohibited objects within the meaning of the Annex to the Regulation (EC) No 2320/2002 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 December 2002 establishing common rules in the field of civil aviation security (Regulation (EC) No 2320/2002). In particular, the following are also included The following items are excluded from transport: Means of payment, telephone cards and prepaid cards, documents of monetary value or negotiable securities (e. g. money, credit cards, cheques, savings books, bills of exchange, securities); objects of exceptional value (e. g. works of art, unique objects, antiques, precious stones, precious metals, stamps, coins); motor vehicles of all kinds of living animals and plants, animal carcasses, parts of the body or mortal remains. Remains of human beings; narcotics and pharmaceuticals, weapons and explosives, food and alcohol, frozen goods, tobacco products; glass, porcelain etc. as well as sensitive electronics, used and damaged goods, Mobile phones Furthermore, the following in particular are excluded from transport in the list of prohibited objects: Forbidden Items For items excluded from transport, there is no valid freight contract. is achieved. Perishable or temperature-sensitive goods which are not excluded from transport in accordance with the above provisions will be accepted for transport at the risk of the shipper; special handling and handling of perishable or temperature-sensitive goods is not permitted. is not carried out. Jumingo shall not be obliged to check orders or consignments placed to see whether they contain items excluded from transport or perishable or temperature-sensitive goods. or a customs declaration. Even in the event that the sender has placed the order or consignment with a corresponding indication of an object excluded from transport, perishable or susceptible to high temperatures, the following applies goods or the consignment requiring a customs declaration, he cannot assert any rights against Jumingo.

6. Obligations of the consignor

Collection/receipt: The sender is obliged, to be present at the indicated pick-up time and to have the consignment ready for dispatch. However, the stated time is not binding for Jumingo and its sub-carriers. In particular, the consignment must be sent to The number, weight and dimensions in packed condition correspond to the information given to Jumingo and must not be an object excluded from transport within the meaning of section 5. In case of discrepancies, the sender is Jumingo is obliged to pay any additional costs that may arise. Attaching the waybill: The consignor will receive the completed waybill as a PDF file by e-mail from Jumingo just a few minutes after the booking process. Insofar as the consignment note is not sent as a file, but is brought along by the subcontractor when the consignment is picked up, the sender must fill in the consignment note himself when collecting the consignment. The information in the The consignment note must be in accordance with the information provided electronically to Jumingo so that the freight order can be carried out properly. In case of deviations from the Jumingo electronic data is authoritative. Additional costs resulting from deviations shall be borne by the sender. Address: The address of the consignee must be given in accordance with normal practice in the country of destination; Shipments for which only one P. O. Box is specified will not be carried. Packaging/labelling: The customer is obliged to take care of the collection of the consignment in a closed and stable environment. carton packaging which is suitable for the specific contents and the agreed transport and which complies with the applicable packaging regulations and the general commercial practice. The shipment must be sent from shippers are properly and unambiguously labelled (indicating dangers, fragility, susceptibility to damage, etc.) and provided with the shipping label provided by Jumingo. de. be. The shipper undertakes to inform Jumingo and its sub-carriers of any special, non-obvious characteristics of the consignment which are likely to have a significant impact on the consignment. provision of the service. Customs formalities: The shipper authorizes the sub-carrier commissioned by Jumingo to carry out the customs formalities. The consignor shall submit to the consignment note all the following in individual cases and guarantees that he has complied with all applicable customs regulations. Jumingo and its subcontractors are not obliged to change the information provided by the consignor to verify their accuracy; they shall under no circumstances be liable for any action or omission on the part of the consignor or the customs authorities.

7. Liability of the sender

Will Jumingo or its subcontractors be responsible for Shipments that are excluded from transport in accordance with section 5 shall be transported at the shipper's sole risk in the absence of an effective freight contract. In particular, Jumingo gives the general Declaration of safety in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 2320/2002 Annex 6.4 regarding the safety of the goods to be transported against air freight carriers or regulated agents exclusively on the basis of the following regulations information provided by the consignor. The same shall apply if the consignor has breached his obligations under Clause 6. The consignor shall indemnify Jumingo and Jumingo against any damages arising from violations and shall indemnify Jumingo and its employees against any damages. subcontractors are exempt from any liability towards third parties in this regard. The sender shall be responsible for ensuring that he is entitled to surrender the consignment.
A limitation of the consignment value is named differently by the sub-carrier. The value of the goods depends on the subcontractor employed by us. If the stated value of the goods should exceed the If you exceed the maximum values, Jumingo will inform you and offer you additional transport insurance if necessary.

9. non-acceptance and suspension of transport

Jumingo keeps and their subcontractors shall reserve the right to exclude shipments which are excluded from transport, are not suitable for transport, are not sufficiently designated / packaged for transport or are not accompanied by the necessary documents. are equipped to exclude from the transport, stop their transport and/or hand them over to official bodies. This shall also apply to shipments, the contents or packaging of which are subject to the security of persons endangered or could damage other transport goods.

10. Inspection and correction right

Jumingo, its subcontractors, regulated agents as defined by the VO (EC) No 2320/2002 Annex 6.2 and each public authority, in particular the customs authorities, are authorised, but not obliged, to open and examine the consignments handed over, if a legitimate person is entitled to do so. or is in danger of default. Jumingo reserves the right to correct any discrepancies in weight or volume found in the consignment note. The sole liability of the consignor for the correctness remains unaffected.

11. Delivery

Jumingo transports the contractual object of transport to its destination and delivers it to the recipient at the address specified by the customer. Delivery shall take place with the effect of discharging any person present in the business or household of the consignee who has no reasonable doubts as to their right to receive the goods. The proper delivery can also be verified by the recipient's digital signature and its reproduction. This signature should have the same validity as a jumingo must take all reasonable measures to deliver the object of transport to the consignee within a reasonable period of time, but it is not usually possible to deliver the object of transport to the consignee. is obliged to comply with a specific delivery period. Delivery dates and delivery periods shall only be binding if they have been expressly contractually agreed with jumingo. and confirmed by Jumingo. An automated order confirmation is not considered as confirmation. The customer must provide jumingo with all the information necessary to carry out the transport service. provided the necessary information and documents in good time and has made any payments as agreed. In the event of a delivery timeout confirmed by Jumingo the compensation is limited only to the amount of the freight. With the exception of jumingo, jumingo has taken all reasonable measures to ensure that the object of transport reaches the consignee within a reasonable period of time. to be delivered. If delivery of the consignment is not possible for reasons beyond Jumingo's control, - the consignor has to return all items by return shipment, disposal and/or several delivery attempts. As a matter of principle, no collection and delivery services are offered on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays. On special request of the consignor and without any entitlement, these collections and deliveries can be carried out for an extra charge.

12. Prices / Terms of Payment / Additional Services and Costs

The transport prices calculated and quoted by Jumingo are based on the following information of the sender. In case of detected inaccuracy, the final price to be paid may deviate from this. The applicable rate is determined by the price list valid on the booking date of the respective shipping company. named subcontractor. Additional costs incurred due to incorrect information provided by the sender shall be borne by the sender. Prices for surcharges not included in the price calculation due to incorrectly indicated dimensions and weights can be found in the Charges of the carriers. The consignor shall indemnify Jumingo from claims of the subcontractors due to the resultant additional time and effort free. The prices do not include sovereign fees, customs duties and other taxes. The sender shall also bear all expenses arising from the acceptance of the consignment. The payment is immediate after booking and can be done with Paypal or LAstschrift. Payment by invoice is only possible in commercial transactions and requires prior activation of Jumingo in your customer account. If a payment against invoice is chosen, the invoice amount must be paid at the latest 7 days after receipt of the invoice. An invoice shall be deemed to have been received three working days after the invoice date, unless the sender or receiver proves otherwise. For amounts due, interest of 5 percentage points above the applicable base rate of the European Central Bank will be charged from the due date until receipt of the payment. provided that no less damage is proven. If the invoice amount is not paid within 10 days after issuing the invoice, payment shall be deemed to be in arrears without a reminder being required. The default interest amounts to 8 percentage points above the base lending rate of the European Central Bank. The consignor is obliged to provide proof of delivery for certain services of the subcontractor designated by him, such as proof of delivery, Address correction and additional handling per parcel to pay additional amounts. If the customer participates in the direct debit procedure, he authorizes Jumingo GmbH to pay the amount due on the day of the booking. Shipping cost to his account by direct debit. The Principal irrevocably instructs his credit institution to inform the Company (and/or a third party commissioned by him) if the direct debit is not honoured. to disclose his name and address upon request in order to enforce the claim. If the direct debit directed by Jumingo GmbH is rejected, Jumingo shall be entitled to withdraw payment in addition to the resulting direct debit. Bank charges to charge an expense allowance in the amount of 8.00 EURO plus a reminder fee in the amount of 5.00 EURO incl. VAT.

13. Liability

Jumingo shall be liable for damages caused intentionally or grossly negligently by itself, by its own employees or by vicarious agents, irrespective of the following limitations of liability in the scope of the contract. the legal limits if the persons designated have acted in the exercise of their duties. If the object of transport does not comply with Jumingo's General Terms and Conditions of Business or with the transport conditions of the customer, Jumingo shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from the use of the object of transport. the customer's liability towards the customer in the event of damage, seizure or loss of the object of transport is excluded, even if Jumingo is not responsible for the transport of the goods. despite the existence of a right to reject from these GTC or from the transport conditions of the transport company selected by the customer. In addition, Jumingo is liable for the loss and damage caused by the use of this website. Damage to transport objects which comply with Jumingo's GTC and the transport conditions of the transport company selected by the customer, as well as for culpably non-contractual fulfilment. other obligations to the extent of direct contractual damage and only within the limits of statutory liability. Compensation for all further damages beyond this is excluded (e. g. loss of profit),foregone interest). The foregoing limitations of liability shall apply irrespective of whether Jumingo has been notified of the risk of specific damage before or after acceptance of the object of transport by the customer. was. Special risks can be insured separately by the customer. Jumingo is always released from liability insofar as the damage occurred in each case is due to circumstances which, even with the greatest care, are not covered by Jumingo. and the consequences of which cannot be averted (e. g. strike, natural disasters, war, embargo, force majeure). Insofar as, according to the individual transport contract, compliance with a specific delivery period or of a specific delivery date by Jumingo, the liability of Jumingo for exceeding this delivery period or deviation from this date is limited to three times the amount of the freight. (threefold fee). The cases of loss sharing and special grounds for exclusion of liability mentioned in §§ 425 para. 2 and 427 HGB as well as the regulations in §§ 430,432 HGB remain unaffected by the above provisions. untouched. This applies equally to all other statutory and mandatory liability limitations or exclusions of liability. The foregoing provisions on liability and any limitations are only applicable, unless otherwise required by law. Liability for packaging is generally excluded. This also applies to e. g. suitcases, plastic boxes, etc., should they not be damaged or damaged. were also completely packed in cardboard according to the packaging guidelines. Damage must be reported to Jumingo within 7 calendar days after the delivery date or the date of collection of the package by Jumingo. Recipients must be submitted in writing to jumingo by email in the parcel shop. If this deadline is not met, liability can be rejected in principle. To check a customer's liability claim, all requested documents and information must be made available to Jumingo by the customer within the period specified by Jumingo in each case.

14. Privacy Policy

Jumingo guarantees that the personal data collected in connection with the transport will only be used for the purpose of processing your personal data. be collected, processed, stored and used in connection with the execution of the contractual relationship. Jumingo shall be entitled to disclose the data to third parties appointed by Jumingo to carry out the order. partner, insofar as this is necessary in order to be able to fulfil the rights and obligations arising from the contractual relationship. Jumingo guarantees compliance with the applicable data protection regulations. Further details can be found in the data protection declaration.

15. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

For all disputes arising from the assertion of claims against Jumingo, the material liability of Jumingo shall be limited to the amount of German law to the exclusion of conflict of laws. Exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes with merchants, legal entities under public law or in the case of disputes under public law. Fund assets are Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

16. Severability clause

If any provision of these terms and conditions of use should be invalid in whole or in part, the legal validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. provisions are not affected by this. An invalid provision shall be replaced by a valid provision which comes closest to the purpose of the invalid provision in economic terms. The same applies to loopholes.