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Why did I receive a subsequent invoice?

There are several reasons for a subsequent billing.
Below we explain the most common reasons:

Dimensions and weight

In order to determine a correct shipping price, it is important that the dimensions and weight of a shipment are given correctly.
Each package is measured and weighed at the transshipment point of the selected shipping service provider using special measuring and weighing equipment.
Deviations from the data specified in the order are thus determined and recalculated.

Duties, taxes, ...

Shipments that are sent to a third country or imported to Germany from a third country pass through customs.
Whether and how much customs duty is charged depends on the goods, the value of the goods and the weight of the shipment.

Import sales tax may also be charged for goods on which no customs duty is levied.
The rate of the import sales tax depends on the tax rate of the country into which the goods are imported.
For the presentation of the goods at customs a fixed fee is due ("Importabfertigung"). 
There is also a fee for the provision of customs duties ("Vorlageprovision").  
The shipping service provider pays customs in advance and then charges the duties to the recipient.


Unfortunately, it happens from time to time that shipments cannot be delivered at the destination address for various reasons.
If the local shipping service provider cannot reach the recipient within a certain period of time to enable delivery, the shipment must be returned to the sender. The costs for the return shipment must always be paid by the customer of the shipment.

Our advice:

Always make sure to provide complete and up-to-date contact information.